Friday, October 22, 2010

Rockwood mansion in Wilmington Delaware - Vortex of Souls

Quaker banker Joseph Shipley built at Gothic style retirement home in Wilmingon Delaware, Rockwood Mansion in 1854.  After building his wealth and spending most of his life in England, Shipley moved to Wilmington Delaware to retire along with his gardner and house keeper.
Rockwood Mansion, Wilmington DE
Joseph Shipley

When Shipley passed away in 1891 the property was passed on to Edward Bringhurst who was his nephew.  He moved there the following year with his wife Anna and three of their children.  Nancy Hargraves a descendant of the Bringhurst family, was the last person to use the mansion as a residence.  In 1973, it along with the grounds was turned into a park.

Mary Bringhurst, daughter of Edward Bringhurst

It is said the the mansion is haunted by it's former inhabitants and servants including the chilren.  When photographs are taken inside, plasma orbs and faces of the former family that lived there will appear in the photos including Mary Bringhurst.  

The Gothic architecture of Rockwood Mansion sometimes yields a strange vortex above it at night

However, the real haunt of this Gothic mansion is the spiral or vortex that appears above the structure at night.  Supposedly, if you closely examine pictures of the misty vortex, you can make out human faces and apparitions.  This strange phenomenon is called "The vortex of souls".


  1. I can't understand why Mary never married? Such a breathtakingly beautiful woman. They don't make them like this anymore! Such loveliness is not created today. What type of woman was she? What did she like? Her education? How did she spend her time, etc. I'm taken by the warmth of her eyes. I would loved to have sought permission from her parents to court her. Helplessly lost in the beauty of this angel called Mary Thomas Bringhurst.

  2. She resembles Julia Roberts. Maybe they should make a movie about it

  3. There are many more haunting within this area than many may know. Check out the place where Ann Marie Fahey was murdered! The activities are at fever pitch!

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