Friday, October 8, 2010

Baleroy mansion - The death chair - Philadelphia, PA

In Chestnut Hill, PA stands a mansion that has had inhabitants that go back to before the Civil War years.  The house was contructed in 1911 by the family of Civil War General George Meade.  The latest owner and descentant in the historic family line, George Gordon Meade Easby, passed away recently at the age of 87.

Haunted Baleroy Mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home of "The death chair"

A ghost named Amelia haunts the "Blue Room" in this manor.  It is said that Amelia causes a blue fog to appear on occasion.  The room also contains a wingbacked chair of which many people who have sat in it have died.  After 4 people died shortly after sitting in it, the George Easby did not let anyone sit in that chair.

General George Meade's younger brother Steven, also haunts the home.  His portait has been known to fly off the wall and across the room on its own accord, leaving the wall hooks and wires that hold the picture in place still on the wall.