Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghost Hounds of Cornwall (Hounds of Colebrook Furnace)

Near the town of Cornwall, PA just south of Lebanon, there is a legend that tells of a haunting of a canine nature.  Back in the 1700's a wealthy landowner possessed a pack of hunting dogs that he boasted were the best dogs around.  He apparently could also be very brutal with the dogs.  He had a reputation for pushing the hounds to their limit, but they mostly were his pride and joy.  One day on a particular hunt, he worked the dogs so hard that witnesses say that a fox appeared right in front of the pack, but they were too exhausted to give chase.  The owner became furious with the dogs and was disgusted with their performance.  Legend has it he then led the hunt to the fires of Cornwall Furnace.  There, he instructed his companions to throw the dogs into the fire.  Reluctantly, one by one they cast the dogs into the flaming furnace.  The last dog, his favorite of all, the man threw into the fire himself then rode away.

Tales have been told over the years of sightings and sounds of a pack of wild hounds raging through the darkness on foggy, moonlit nights.  People have heard the phantom hunt moving past their homes at night hearing the snarling, raging dogs as the raced by.  Apparently, the old master's favorite can be seen leading the pack.

The Baying of the Hounds. Opeth: Ghost Reveries (Special Edition)

References: Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania, Dan Asfar 

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